Light Court at the Chicago Rookery Building

I lived in Chicago for a full 5 years before I discovered the Rookery Building. I stumbled upon a picture of the Light Court somewhere and was instantly captivated by the optics of this space. I immediately dug for more information and discovered it’s one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most dramatic surviving designs. The detailed ironwork manages to look light and airy and provides a structural backdrop for the space as a whole. Originally built in 1888 by Daniel Burnham and John Root, Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned in 1905 to redesign the central court and lobbies.

The Rookery Building Chicago

Tours can be booked in advance and cost $10 for each adult. One word of caution… I believe these tours are currently only offered during the work week, so plan ahead! If you’re simply touring the Light Court, and not the Burnham Library (which unfortunately I did not make it to) anticipate about 30-45 minutes.

Staircase at the Rookery Building

Staircase at the Rookery Building



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